Chuck Coleman is an airshow, test pilot, flight instructor with over 4500 hours in the Extra 300 series aircraft. He has performed in hundreds of airshows and given 3000+ rides in airshow aircraft. Chuck has been deployed around the world in aircraft such as the Burt Rutan Proteus utilized for scientific research as is currently a test pilot for ICON Aircraft flight testing the ICON A5 Amphibian. Chuck has an Aerospace/Mechanical Degree from the University of Michigan. Chuck is also an Airframe and PowerPlant (A&P) Mechanic with inspection Authorization ( IA) credentials.

Chuck has built and restored multiple aircraft as well as provided maintenance and test pilot support to the aviation community.

Chuck has given instruction in unusual attitudes, low L/D approaches, energy management and g tolerance to professional pilots including the first two private astronauts and hundreds of others having various roles. He has also performed and provided aerial support for the movie/TV industry in aircraft some of which contributed to the winning the Peabody award for the documentary “Black Sky”.

With as extensive background in air show related activities, Chuck would like to offer his insights to air show performers, producers, sponsors, media, VIPs and the film industry. Chuck’s Extra 300L is equipped with multiple onboard video cameras to capture aerial events and he has access to video production services.

Chuck is a proud member of ICAS, SETP (society of Experimental Test Pilots), SAG (Screen actor’s Guild) EAA, AOPA, IAC, AAIA (many others). He has worked for Scaled Composites, Virgin Galactic, The SpaceShip Company, Toyota Air Sports, McDonnell Douglas, BD Jet Corp, VisionAire, Patty Wagstaff, Gene Soucy, Ian Groom, Tim Weber, Sean D Tucker, ICON Aircraft, etc.


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