Aerobatic Rides!

Experience the thrill and excitement of an aerobatic flight as you loop, roll, spin, attempt to fly backwards and tumble end over end.  You can pull the same gs as military fighter pilots (+8 gs max) and can experience weightless flight and simulate an actual reentry of a space ship including a space ship landing pattern.

Fly aerobatic maneuvers yourself and feel the awesome exhilaration of an unlimited certified aircraft, the Extra 300L.

First and foremost, expect to have fun.     You, the passenger, can request to attempt any type of maneuver imagined.  You can design the flight – and if you wish – you will do the actual flying, even if you’re not a pilot. The Extra 300L has dual controls and we will teach you how to fly an airplane. 



designed by Primashock.com
designed by Primashock.com