Advanced Flying Training Course

If you are a Pilot who wishes to learn how to perform aerobatics?  An Extra 300L is the perfect aircraft for such a quest. Passenger seating in the front with full dual controls allows an unmatched dual instruction environment. The visibility through the one-piece canopy is also a feature that let’s exploration of aerobatics even more satisfying!
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Want to improve your flying skills?

Chuck Coleman focuses on advanced flying training including every type of aerobatics, formation and recognition, recovery from unusual attitudes.  Chuck likes to teach the many aspects of aerobatics utilizing a custom set of maneuvers based of the student’s past experience, needs and aspirations. Chuck has found so many variables related to aerobatics that he does not set an aerobatic course the same for everyone.   
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Pilot ratings and Flight times

  • 10,300 hrs Total Time
  • ATP (Airline Transport Pilot Multi-engine)
  • Commercial (single Engine, Glider. Sea Plane)
  • Jet/Turboprop 1200+ hrs PIC
  • Private (Helicopter)
  • CFII, MEI (Certified Flight Instructor)
  • 1000+ hrs in aircraft Chuck constructed.
  • 152 types flown
  • USPA Parachuting License
  • Surface Level Aerobatic Waiver with no restrictions
  • A&P (Airframe and Power Plant License)
  • IA (Inspection Authorization)


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